February Newsletter

Welcome to our February newsletter. We aim to produce one during the first week of every month with occasional reminders of events in between.

Just before Christmas the Dorset Ewes over at Home Farm lambed. They are the only native breed capable of breeding out of the normal season without the need for messing around with their hormones. The lambs are nearly ready to be weaned and we have just let them out of the shed with their mothers onto some grass with lots of shelter. As there is not much grass this time of year the lambs are fed some extra feed to keep them doing well.

All the other ewes are also now in with the scanner lady booked for the beginning of the month. They are happily munching through hay and silage, the first 35 will lamb the end of this month, with the bulk of them lambing towards the end of March and into April. Our first lambing day is on the 28th March with another on 7th April which is also Easter Saturday. We do already have 3 surprise ones!

Cattle are all in and consuming vast amounts of forage, the first calves will be at Home Farm but there is not much sign of anything happening soon. There should be some here by the first lambing day. We could do with some frosty weather to give me a chance to empty our muck store without making a mess or worse getting stuck in the field.

On the crop growing side the oats is looking good the barley and wheat a bit sparse. Ben Jackson is following the progress of our arable fields on his Radio Leicester programme during weekday afternoons. If you miss this great bit of radio we will post the link on our website and facebook page!

The tea room is currently closed while we redo the stairs and find someone who wants to take it on. We are trying to simplify our lives a bit and do a bit more farming so would really like to find an enterprising person to take it on as their own. We are hopeful that it will be back in action during March.

The shop is still open from Wednesday to Sunday, and Sally who was up in the tea room has moved downstairs to help us in the shop.. The pheasant and partridge season is now over but venison continues until the end of March. Our new website is up and running and you can order on line either to pick up from the shop or for it to be delivered to your home. We have a very efficient courier and your order will be packed in an insulated box with ice packs and you will receive it within 24 hours of it leaving here. It worked very well over Christmas so do give it a try.

Karl is running another of his very successful pizza making courses on the 18th feb. You need to book for this one so do send me a email and I will send you details.

Over at Home Farm in Nanpantan, the sheep dog has had puppies, 9 of them to be exact. One of them may be joining the two dogs over here. The idea being we can start training it to take over form the current sheep dog, Pip as she gets older. So shop customers may have another dog watching them through the gate soon.

Roll on the lighter days and the spring sunshine.