September Newsletter

Autumn newsletter.

Stop Press: Autumn Farm Walk this Saturday the 13th at 11.

Our new website is now live, with a fully functioning farm shop so you can now enjoy our lovely organic food wherever you are. All orders received by the 21st September will get a free bottle of organic wine!

Harvest 2014 is now over, got off to a good start and then disrupted by a cold August and finished in the first week in September. Yields and quality are generally good and we will try milling some of the wheat to discover if Karl can make bread with it in the bakery. If he can then we will be able to make a very low carbon footprint loaf for you, the bulk will be sold as milling wheat to a merchant. The oats will go as animal feed with a few tonnes kept back to feed the sheep prior to lambing.

The Dorset ewes over at Home Farm are due to start lambing at the beginning of November. They look well and are enjoying the late summer sun. The sheep enterprise over at Home Farm has been very challenging this year with two attacks by dogs leading to some nasty stress induced diseases. Farming is a long term undertaking so we are hoping for better luck this time.

It is turkey time again, they are all in the sheep shed about to take to the outside world. We have to take great precautions to fox proof everything as we seem to have a lot of very wily foxes who are adept at squeezing through very small spaces and getting through electric fencing. It takes a lot of hard work and care to get them from the day old chicks that arrive in July to the finished product at Christmas.

The shop and tea room are now both open on Sunday from 10 until 4. Sunday lunches featuring a roast of the day will be available from the 21st September. Booking will be required and we let you know details soon.

The pop up bistro evening was a great success and further ones are planned along with some cookery demonstration evenings. All this is possible because of a few staff changes that have happened recently. Having had a very stable team for years we have suddenly had a few people leave. James in the tea room has left to do what he really wants to do and we wish him luck. Sally and Aaron the new chef will be the new team with a few familiar helpers. Aaron, is a very experienced chef and will be able to do some fantastic things, including some very exciting demonstrations.

Martin our butcher of 8 years has also left, Frank along with Peter have stepped in and ensured a smooth change over. Team changes are always difficult for everyone so do bear with us as everyone gets into their new roles.

We are very confident we have a great team in place and can’t wait for all their great new ideas to help us make the most of what we produce on the farm.

I hope to see you soon,